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LA95 Αυτόματο πιστόλι airless HP
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Το LA95 is an automatic airless gun high pressure who works with airless units in the industry field. Tips are easy to clean& remoned like manual airless guns.
V80 Αυτόματο πιστόλι... V80 Αυτόματο πιστόλι... 2
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The V80 is an airless pistol which is connected to an automatic painting system which opens and closes the needle with air supply. Suitable for connection to airless pumps. The nozzles change very easily as in manual airless pistols. Maximum pressure 250 bar. Connection 1/4.
Cleaning brush kit Cleaning brush kit 2
Low pressure paint systems

Cleaning brush kit

Cleaning brush kit ideal for RIGO guns, spray guns (HVLP,LVLP,MVLP etc), tattoo guns etc.
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