Getting plastered on the building site! – m-tec M280

A modular design, the M280 presents impressive workmanship that is both lightweight and ideal for building site conditions. Specifically its ease of handling and m-tec reliability make the M280 the mixing pump for all applications. For instance, the M280 can process all inside and outside machine plasters with the utmost ease.


A cleaning slide separates reliably the wet and dry sections. With the mixing chamber swivelled off, the system can continue running in “two-hand jog mode” until the hopper is empty. The result is a fast, efficient, and residue free cleaning of the machine’s mixing and pumping sections.

The M280 presents an uncluttered array of controls for very easy operation.

This makes easy work when machine products are processed.

The duo-mix has the same connections as the M280 and so can be fitted as an accessory to its filter and feeding hoods.

Our specialist for:

  • Adhesives dry
  • Cement plasters
  • Cementitious self – levelling
  • Finishing plasters
  • Floor screed
  • Flowing screeds
  • Insulating plaster
  • Lime cement plaster
  • Lime gypsum plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Reinforcing and adhesive mortars
  • Self levelling products


  • Construction chemicals
  • Rendering
  • Flooring

Recommended Accessories*

  • Rotors / stators
  • Mortar hoses
  • Adhesive gun
  • Fine plaster spray gun
  • Float finisher
  • Tools

*for reference only


Technical data M280 – 400V
Output approx 22l/min (max 50l/min depending on worm pump)
Conveying distance:* max 40 m
Conveying height:* max 20 m
Conveying pressure:* max 30 bar
Drive motors
Conveyor section:
Gear motor 1,1 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 51 Upm
Mixing pump section:
Gear motor 5.5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 400 rpm
Air compressor: 0.9 kW, approx 250 l/min, 4 bar
Electrical connection: 400 V, 50 Hz, fuse: 25 A, connector: 32 A, 5 ph, 6 h,

connecting cable 5 x 4.0 mm², connecting value 17 A

Water connection: 3/4“ water hose with GEKA coupling, required water

pressure/min 2.5 bar when machine running

Dimensions: approx 1545 x 636 x 1480 mm
Filling height for bagged materials: 1100 mm
Weight: 210 kg (excl accessories + compressor)

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