MASTER I Air Purge Spray Gun


MASTER I air purge spray gun has been designed and manufactured to reduce operator effort and facilitate application control. With this aim, a new ergonomic gun handle has been developed and placed at the center of balance to equalize weight distribution and provide enhanced stability during the application.

  • Long lasting mixing chambers, manufactured in two welded pieces of different material and hardness that offer the flexibility to avoid early breaking due to fragility.
  • Interchangeable metal or Teflon side seals that can be selected for use depending on the application requirements without having to change costly parts.
  • External greasing system that allows lubrication of the parts that are in contact with the products without having to disassemble the gun, thus facilitating and improving the maintenance at the end of each job.
  • Double inlet filters virtually eliminate impurities inside the mixing chamber.
  • Manual safety valves prevent the injection of the material by accidental triggering.

Maximum Output 1:1:18 Kg/min
Minimum Output 1:1:1.5 Kg/min
Maximum Pressure Rating:210 kgf/cm2 (20,6 MPa)
Air Supply:6-8 kgf/cm2 (0,6-0,8 MPa)
Dimensions:19cm Χ 10 cm Χ 19 cm

MASTER II Air Purge Spray Gun


The New MASTER II gun has been designed to offer the operator a very intuitive and easy handling. The main block can be disassembled by hand for quick access to the mixing chamber, and the seals, filters and check-valves are in the same place for easy handling. All models include a tool kit with the necessary tools for proper adjustment and maintenance of the gun.

  • Revolutionary 360 degree Rotational Head allows the coupling block to be on the top or bottom.
  • Quick & easy access to mixing chamber.
  • No need to remove coupling block to access the internal parts.
  • Innovative Air Cap design adds additional protection to mixing chamber tip.
  • Stronger State of the Art check-valve system.
  • Air cylinder and trigger valve protected from blockage.
  • Less maintenance cost.

Maximum Output 1:1:18 Kg/min
Minimum Output 1:1:1.5 Kg/min
Maximum Pressure Rating:210 kgf/cm2 (20,6 MPa)
Air Supply:6-8 kgf/cm2 (0,6-0,8 MPa)
Dimensions:19cm Χ 9cm Χ 19 cm

MASTER III Air Purge Spray Gun


MASTER III air purge gun has been developed for customers who require an alternative concept design to our other air purge guns maintaining the Gama concept of easy handling and maintenance.


– Internal mixing high pressure

– Automatic cleaning by compressed air

– No solvents required

– Mechanical atomization

– Outdoor oil of the mixing chamber

Maximum output 1:118 Kg/min
Minimum output 1:11.5 Kg/min
Maximum Pressure Rating210 bar
Air Supply6-8bar
Dimensions19cm Χ 9cm Χ 19 cm

G-DI Foam & Polyurea Gun


The G-DI mechanical self-cleaning spray gun has been designed to offer the best mixing quality on the market when it comes to the application of polyurethane foam, elastomeric coatings and polyurea. Its unique high & low output configurations offer the possibility to work with a wide range of flows with only one gun. The G-DI gun is light, perfectly balanced and easy to maintain.


The G-DI is an extremely flexible and lightweight two-component gun. The special construction offers the possibility of working with spraying of 0,5 kg / min to 18 Kg / min achieving different shapes depending on the material and application (round, horizontal, vertical). With the right choice from the wide range of modules, nozzles and 2 different needles can be set up & spray with the best mixing of 2 components and maximum finishing quality in all applications.

The G-DI model is lightweight, perfectly balanced and easy to maintain, thanks to the new GAMA entry block, fast connection and disconnection.

The mixing of the two components become only the tip of the gun within the mixer and not on the inside of the gun as most guns.

with only one Teflon seal internal of the needle .

Mechanically cleaned = At ​​the end of the spray while leaving the trigger the needle penetrates the module and extrudes the mixed materials with less  risk to clog the gun.

In case of blocking of wrong use, you can unblock or change module or nozzle in less than five minutes even with gloves and working clothes!


Outer mixing with high pressure
Mechanical automatic cleaning

Works with air compressor with air flow only 60 lt/min +

No solvents are needed
Spraying without air (airless)
Automatic lubrication of the mixture chamber
Easy ti clean

It works with all machines & polyurea foam of the global market!

Maximum output material 1: 118 Kg/min
Minimum hardware output 1: 10.5 Kg/min
Maximum pressure270 bar
Opening force190 Kg
Closing force190 kg
Approximate air consumption60 liters / min
Weight1,4 Kg
Dimensions20cm Χ 10cm Χ 21 cm
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