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The GAMA 2.25:1 pump is a pneumatically-driven, double effect, alternating pump used for moving liquids with a maximum viscosity of 2,000 mPas. The compressed air causes the alternating rising and falling movement in the pneumatic piston, which is transmitted by means of a connection rod to the plungers of the upper and lower chamber of the pump, thereby sucking and driving the fluid. The fluid output pressure is 2.25 times higher than the air pressure causing the movement of the pneumatic piston. All materials coming into contact with the fluid are made in stainless steel of the highest quality.


The pump movement is reversed thanks to a floating mechanism in the pneumatic piston. When it rises, the air in the lower chamber of the piston pushes it upwards, the air in the upper chamber is decompressed and released from the motor through the piston shaft. When the piston makes contact with the upper spring, a valve is opened inside it that allows the air entering the motor to go straight into the upper chamber, thus pushing the piston down. When the piston makes contact with the lower spring, the internal valve is closed and the air pressure pushes the piston upwards, whereas the pressurised air in the upper chamber is released through the piston shaft.


Pressure ratio2.25:1 (@ 7 bar air – 15.7 bar product)
Maximum fluid pressure22.5 bar / 2.25 MPa
Maximum air inlet pressure10 bar / 1 MPa
Maximum fluid temperature85ºC
Maximum outlet volume20.8L./min
Piston movement 101.6mm (4”)
Suction volume (only rising)206cm3
Transfer volume (by stroke/cycle)103cm3 /206cm3
Volume of consumed air (by stroke/cycle) @ 7 bar1.6L/3.2L
Weight10.5Kg (23.15lb)
Air connection1/4'' NTP
Product outlet connection3/4'' NTP
Noise level @ 7 bar (air)85 (A) dB

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