RIGO paint systems

Such a great value in a small format

Equipment particularly suitable for carpentry and joinery as well as for finishing floors. Extremely light and compact, it combines excellent performances with the good autonomy of different types of  tanks

PMR backpack paint system

Professional Rigo - "backpack with a tankPractical - big autonomy in a small size.  Practical and versatile

The anatomic support for shoulder transport which can be combined with the whole Rigo Turbine range, is a frame including a spray gun MAF directly connected with a 6lt tank to increase autonomy of operation.

Trolley TSV system

Natural evolution of the "backpack with tank" It is handy, efficient and has good autonomy thanks to the 4 free wheels that can follow you everywhere. Another RIGO ORIGINAL product! The new TSV Trolley is equipped at best to allow a comfortable and efficient painting job with a considerable working range (6lt tank capacity) ideal for all indoor and outdoor uses: joinery, carpentry, car body and care, floors treatment and spraying of vertical surfaces within the prevalence limits typical of the HVLP spraying systems ( do not use with water based wall paints).


Jack of all Trades of great performances and peerless versatility. Flexibility, simplicity and functionality reflecting the typical values of Rigo's philosophy. Terms of references: comfortability and practice. With Kombi you will spray whatever you want everywhere. It features a TMR180E turbine and the latest generation of ACT spray gun complete with accessories, freewheels, frame, shoulder strap and large diameter hoses, it is supplied as turnkey product ready for use, providing over 2 meters of head.

Cart turbina CT-9 & CT-18

Cart Turbine can face every single professional painting situation, while being sure that you are best equipped for small-and large-size works


ModelCT-9 with TMR180ECT-18 with TMR180E
Power supply voltage 230 Vca, 50 Hz 230 Vca, 50 Hz 
Absorbed electrical power 2.000 W2.000 W 
Max tank pressure3.9 bar3.9 bar
Turbine air flow1.100-2.500 l/min1.100-2.500 l/min
TMR180E air pressure**0,10/0,44 bar (1,45/6,38 psi)**0,10/0,44 bar (1,45/6,38 psi)
Tank capacity9 lt18lt
Operating temperatureDa -10°C a + 40°CDa -10°C a + 40°C
Air hose tube flex length  7mt7mt
Material 3/8 hose7mt7mt
Weight25 kg empty 27 kg empty
Dimension660x390x1030 mm660x390x1030 mm

Great performance with minimum overall dimensions

portable: light and compact, it can be placed everywhere

efficient: it can use any kind of paint

versatile: suitable for small-and large-size works

innovative: it combines high pressure performances with the degree of finish guaranteed by the HVLP system.

With a new and innovative range of equipment Rigo has come back in a leading role in the field of spraying on medium and big surfaces with a high quality professional machines destined to become a new benchmark standard for professionals. The new C.T. puts together the best of these two worlds, two different systems of product applying that even being antithetical in this new machine they have found the ideal meeting point.

The new C.T. offers a product tank made in stainless steel with capacity of 9 and/or 18Lt depending on the version, with an easy open-close system, the ultimate generation in terms of security and durability. It’s equipped with a robust compressor and a pressure control gauge to supply a spraying product through delivery hoses of different diameters for both varnishes/enamels and water paints.

A special, modern spray gun with a renewed spraying concept (air stop) allows the regulation of the air and spraying product independently. It’s complete with a powerful and adequate turbine TMR180E equipped with the electronic regulation and remote control intended to nebulize the product to apply by the HVLP system.

The innovative ESR economy system from espray 

Based on the CT system we offer an alternative solution to the professional. Why ; Because we can!

You choose :

1. Your pressure tank (2, 9, 18 liters)

2. RIGO Turbine (TMR80, TMR140, TMR180E)

3. ASV or ACT gun

4. Material hose length - air


* adapts to other turbines of the global market.

What is HVLP system ?

  • It is an ecological paint system that provides a high volume of air at low pressure (High Volume Low Pressure) .
  • The pressure turbine according to the range of 0.1 to 0,5 bar. The air flow rate can be adjusted from very low to very high speed. paint easily, quickly and with great accuracy.
  • Consumption of your materials is reduced due to minimal overspray (frost) -80%.
  • The air generated by the turbine does not need water trap is always dry, warm and dry as opposed to the air that produces air compressor.
  • The color dry more quickly and evenly spread on the surface. Ideal for all kinds of water or solvent paints.
  • Save up more thna 60% of materials !
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