The Spanish company GAMA 25 years specializing, manufactures, develops exclusively machines for materials two components such as polyurethane foam and polyurea known in our country in recent years. with full knowledge of the object he represents.

The product development department of GAMA staffed by qualified personnel with engineers and technicians who design, adapt, evolve the GAMA company machinery for demanding customers - companies worldwide who want high technology, quality and reliability, while maintaining the flexibility and capacity to respond to the constant changes in global markets.

  1. It is the first company that manufactured hydraulic machinery in this area (former GASMER) and continues to this day.
  2. All machines have a monobloc pumps 100% correct mix of materials.
  3. Pistol GDI: the only one in the category of 100% GAMA construction which cleans and unblocks in just minutes.
  4. Simple, functional and reliable. As should be the machinery in the field of construction.
  5. Cheap consumables and spare parts.

The GAMA Company - Others copy, We INNOVATE!

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