EASY SPRAY P - Air Driven Proportioning Unit

Easy Spray, of an advanced and compact design, is an easy-to-use, portable air driven unit. Its unique configuration – the product tanks are placed on a chassis with wheels – provides easy access to all types of working areas as well as an outstanding mobility. The electrical console has only one control switch that allows an easy operation with no need of qualified personnel, and a saving of time during the set up and application.

Maximun Output:4 Kg/min
Max. Rated Pressure:200 kgf/cm2 (19.7 MPa)
Heating Power:3,6 Kw
Electrical:16 amps x 1 phase
Standard Hose Length:10,5 m
Weight:80 Kg
Dimensions:1000 mm x 610 mm x 700 mm
Hose Heat (OPTIONAL)
Hose Heating Power:2 Kw
Total Power:5,6 Kw
Electrical:25 amps x 1 phase

Primary Heating System

The primary heating system consists of two separate independent block heaters with no seals. Each heater incorporates 2 each 900 W heating elements that supply a total power of 1800 W with the necessary control and safety features for the accurate and reliable performance of the system. The special design of the heaters allows for a DT of 30º C and enables it to reach application temperatures of 70º C in normal environmental conditions.

Proportioning Pumps

The system is including two positive displacement piston pumps, driven by a pneumatic motor. The proportioning pumps are manufactured from high hardness tempered aluminium and a special treatment that offers a low coefficient of friction, a high level of lubrication, and an increased level of wear resistance. The system includes a common guide system that ensures dynamic stability guaranteeing the correct alignment of the pump group and extending the life of the packing seals.

Recirculation System

Recirculation of the two components allows a faster achievement of the preset temperatures at the heaters before  starting to spray and during temporary shutdowns.

Hose Heating System (OPTIONAL)

The hose heating system is designed with 2000W transformer that allows the heating of up to 48m. of hose. The system incorporates an innovative concept of heated hose in which the copper resistance is homogenously spread around the hose. This allows accurate and uniform control of the application temperature of the products.

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