MP 80 Magic Plus


MAGIC PLUS P80 can point with premixed plasters and traditional mortars, with particle size of 0 - 5 mm, brickwork and facing brick, porphyry blocks, slabs of various types, stonework and pebble of various sizes.

The facility to regulate pump speed directly from the remote control makes it possible to change the flow rate of material, thereby allowing the system to be used in a broad variety of situations: from precision finishing joints to coarser joints between large size blocks or stone; the process can also be performed by just one operator because the machine can be stopped and started directly from the lance by means of the 12V remote control.

Low thickness coat

Thanks to the many guns and accessories available the system can be used for spray application of premixes and traditional mortars, with particle size of 0 - 5 mm to obtain the desired finish quality.


types into walls, micropiles and prestressed structures.

Designed to consolidate or seal the surface of masonry, rock, damns and tunnels.

Ideal for fixings, structural grouting, sealing and jobs that require pressure and flow rate no higher than 15 bar and 24 l/m.

with 0 to 6 pressure control


Thanks to its compact size and low weight, MAGIC PLUS P80 is suitable for all work site needs.

Suitable for big and small jobs alike.

Easy to use, this unit is also suitable for home users and unskilled site labour.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.


Some of accessories of MP 80 : 1) Regulator for grouting with the remote control, hose F08 nozzle F08 2) Rubber suction F08 3) Suction Hose 20mm 4) Nozzle round or flat rubber 20mm 5) Regulator for microinjections 6) Hose for Injection 20mm with manometer 7) Hose for jointing 8) material hose with remote 20mm 9) Battery 12V 10) power converter 220V

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It has a large range of spare parts and accessories depending on any use.


  • DC motor 115 W
  • 12V 12A battery power
  • 220V - 12V mains power
  • Remote control with speed regulator
  • Hopper capacit: l 13
  • Flow rate from 0 to 6 l/min
  • Maximum pressure 10
  • Aggregate particle size from 0 to 5mm
  • Hose length up to 15m
  • Height cm. 37
  • Length cm. 40
  • Width cm. 40
  • Weight kg. 15

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