Magic Plus P 140



MAGIC PLUS P140 was specifically designed for spraying DUAL COMPONENT materials, with the facility to set multiple mix ratios.

Thanks to the use of just one Magic Plus P140 grout pump, also the normal procedures performed by the other models are still available.


Perfect for injecting cement slip and materials of various types into walls, micropiles and prestressed structures.

Designed to consolidate or seal the surface of masonry, rock, damns and tunnels.

with 0 to 6 pressure control


MAGIC PLUS P140 can work with premixed plasters and traditional mortars, with particle size of 0 - 5 mm, on brickwork, facing brick, porphyry blocks, slabs of various types, stonework and pebble of various sizes.


Designed for the use of dual component materials.

High power to adapt to all kinds of work sites.

Thanks to its compact size and low weight, MAGIC PLUS P140 is perfect for all work site needs.

Easy to use, this unit is also suitable for home users and unskilled site labour.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

2 years factory warranty !!!

Technical Specifications :

  • DC motor 1100 W
  • 220V - 50 Hz power supply
  • Voltage 220V
  • Remote control with speed regulator
  • Hopper capacity: l 20
  • Flow rate from 0 to 24 l/min
  • Maximum pressure 15 bar
  • Aggregate particle size from 0 to 5mm
  • Hose length up to 20m
  • Height cm. 40
  • Length cm. 60
  • Width cm. 60
  • Weight kg. 35



made in ITALY
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