Technology for better building - since 1978

In 1965, as one of the first, the German company Mathis Kalkwerk, owner of the famous dry mortar brand maxit, started to introduce mixing pumps and plastering machines for the processing of pre-mixed construction products. Just a couple of years later the first silo for transporting industrial dry mortar was developed.

To meet the growing demand in machine technology, in 1978 Mathis Kalkwerk founded the m-tec mathis technik gmbh (well known as m-tec), located in the southwest of Germany.

In the following 4 decades, m-tec became the today’s global player as designer and manufacturer of almost any kind of technology in the fast growing dry mortar industry. Today m-tec machinery can be also found in many other bulk solid applications. Numerous foundations of subsidiaries in major markets such as 1993 in Czech Republic and in 2005 in China testify the successful expansion of the company. In all these years, m-tec has confirmed many times its unique ability to innovate. More than 100 patents and utility models and the reputation as leading innovator in technology and as provider of individual system solutions are proof of this. Many technical innovations which m-tec has implemented over the decades can still be considered as milestone both in job site machinery as well as in plant equipment & engineering.

2014, after more than three decades of being part of leading dry mortar producers, m-tec joined one of the world leading companies in the construction machinery industry and one of the top players in China: the Zoomlion group.

2018 m-tec celebrates its 40th anniversary – that are 4 decades full of highly specialized machinery and plant engineering, in which m-tec achieved significant success and which are characterized by innovative action, strong team spirit and long-standing trusting cooperation with both customers and business partners around the world.

Since 1978, the brand m-tec has been synonymous with innovative solutions for manufacturing, logistics and processing of pre-mixed construction materials as well as fine-grained bulk materials. Around the globe, in almost 100 countries, m-tec improved, accelerated and economized building processes.

m-tec is a mid-sized German company with subsidiary in Czech Republic. Furthermore sales offices, representatives and sales persons can be found in almost every region of the world. All of our key-products are designed and produced by m-tec.

Due to our roots we have a deep understanding of industrial pre-mixes and can offer to our customers a unique range of expert advice, professional equipment and engineering capacities for plant solutions and of processing machinery at the job site.

Our innovative technology is also suitable for any kind of fine-grained and dry bulk-material. By the way innovation by m-tec means successful creation of more than 100 patents and utility models.

As a respectable company, m-tec considers that the basic values shared by management and employees alike are: professional commitment, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and solidarity. In addition, m-tec set out principles of action, like respect for the law, carrying for the environment and worker health and safety, in order to achieve responsible and sustainable growth.

m-tec products and solutions, meeting the requirements of sophisticated and experienced customers as well as the requirements of newcomers in the dry mortar industry.

m-tec technology is also used in other industrial sectors such as automotive suppliers, waste management and water management or special chemicals. References for this can be found in many countries.

Many partners of m-tec are large and well-known industrial customers, who use production facilities as well as silo – and construction site equipment from m-tec and often expand successfully together with m-tec internationally.

Known industrial m-tec customers are e.g.

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