MP60 Magic Plus

MP60 Magic Plus jointing

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MP60 Magic Plus jointing.


MP60 Magic Plus jointing.

MP60 Magic Plus jointing

Battery12V - 12A
Voltage / Frequency220V / 50 Hz
Feed material0 - 3 liters / min
Maximum pressure6 bar
Granulometry0 - 5 mm
Maximum hose10 meters
Weight14 kg


The MR60 is suitable for grouting and grout mikroenemata any type of material with granulometry doubles from 0-5 mm in walls, brick, stone, etc...

The MR60 is lightweight, easy to use and works with 12V battery and with electricity 220V.

Ideal both for conservation of antiquities with the appropriate accessories. Due to the low and well-controlled dosage for specialized materials used in such applications with high accuracy, and that works with battery, making the machine suitable for this type of work !! The materials do not come into contact with the mechanical parts of the pump (grease, metal, rust) and are not affected by the use.

It has a large range of parts as jointing machine and is suitable for injection - microinjections materials .

the price includes:
MP60 220V with 2 cleaning balls for machine tires Nr. 2 Ø 20, transparent cover for dust, hose 4mt Φ20, remote control, nozzle with hose 1mt Φ20, hopper 6lt.

Peristaltic pumps Umiblok.

The peristaltic pumps Umiblok company does not come in contact with the material with respect to all the respective pump types in the category of building materials such as single-phase pumps with rotor (screw). For this reason, no effect - contaminate the material.

The hose pumps provide Umiblok material passes from the interior of the pump 4 metal rollers that rotate on the hose give continuous pressure on the material passes through therefrom.

For this reason they can apply materials with a granulometry up to 5mm relative to the single-phase pumps with a rotor (screw), which may apply to 2.5mm- 3mm.

With pumps P100, P140 and P120 you can spray almost all the ingredients of Greek market.



Price invludes

220 V

Hopper 6lt

Hose 4mt with remore control (ON/OFF/REVERSE) 

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