Hand pump H10
Hand pump H10

Hand pump H2 No. 1

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Hand pumps for mortar is small & strong helping tool for all mortar works in smaller quantities.

Easy Do it your self tool!


Hand Mortar Pump!

Hand Mortar Pumps are small but strong helping tools for all mortar works in smaller quantities.

Hand Mortar Pumps can be used without electricity: for cavity filling, low-pressure injection, for joints, filling mortar into door or window frames, for anchorholes, pumpable mortars/grouts up 4mm grain size (model 1-5), and much more.

The inner sealing set ensures a leak free over head working. The mixed material is sucked into the hand mortar pump by pulling the trigger back and now is the hand mortar pump ready to work.

The right model depends on which material you use.


Technical features at a glance:

  1. No electricity needed
  2. Suitable for overhead working
  3. Various material outlets (slots, hole)
  4. Patended piston sealing
  5. Lightweight and handy
  6. For all mortars or grouts with max 4 mm grain
  7. For filling caves also with hose adaptor and GEKA
  8. Sealing set available as service kit
  9. Simple to use and easy to clean

Sealing set as spare part

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