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Giotto airless
Giotto airless
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Giotto airless

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GIOTTO is a very powerful and easy to use airless electrical membrane pump. Ideal for spraying all kind of products on buildings, metal constructions, insulation, injections etc with low to medium viscosity products.


Products: stucco , polyurethane based sealants, fire resistant, thixotropic materials with low to high viscosity and base of water , solvent, nitro, xylene, gasoline etc.

Tunnen Τ2 at Tembi painted by Giotto

The No1 airless pump in Greek market ! 

Easy to use, high efficiency up to 8 liters per minute and maximum nozzle .031 ''.

Easy to use - Easy to clean !

100% made in Italian and high quality! Suitable for spraying materials in buildings, metal structures, insulation, etc. but also for polyurethane injections.

Giotto tested in large projects such as the tunnel in Tempi and the Thessaloniki Metro, working non-stop for months with minimal maintenance !! For 15 years it has been working on thousands of applications in Greece and around the world.

Quality of production:

The company Larius is the only global Italian airless company with ISO 9001 that manufactures machine parts in its factory and is 100% Italian. It has an advanced production systems and the metals of the machines are certified high quality.

The price includes :

  • High pressure manometer
  • Pressure regulator
  • 15 meters hose Φ 1/4
  • Airless P500 gun
  • Nozzle base 
  • Nozzle No. 515
  • 60M gun filter
  • Suction hose with filter 30M
  • Return pipe.
  • High pressure return valve 500 bar
  • Metal base with 2 wheels for easy transport.
  • Folding back base for airless hose
  • 2 year warranty (1 Larius + 1 from espray)

Power1,8Kw / 2,4HP
Max pressure250 bar
Max flow rate8 lt/min
Max tip with one gun.031''
Max tip with 2 guns *.019
Max length of hose *100 mt (Φ 1/4)
Weight45 kg

* depend of viscosity 

  • Plastic emulsion paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Sealants
  • Plaster
  • Varnish
  • Decorative paints
  • Primers
  • Top coat
  • Metal paints
  • And all kind of epoxy, polyurethane, solvent or water base products with low to high viscosity 
  • Save more than 50% of products
  • Less overspray - 50%
  • The hydraulic system controls the pressure counterbalancing any drop
  • Suitable to a wide range of product’s applications, from low to high viscosity
  • Pressure and spraying angle constant during the operation of the pump
  • Special diaphragms and high quality materials to avoid wearing providing    long lasting performances
  • Very easy spraying, cleaning and servicing operations


Large bridges

Thessaloniki's subway 


The airless electric diaphragm pumps are used for high pressure paint spraying without atomising air . The pump is operated by an electric motor, or petrol engine, that transmits its rotating action to an eccentric connected to a piston dipped in an oil chamber. The piston with its alternate action sucks the oil pushing it in pressure against the diaphragm, made by an highly elastic and resistant material , that vibrates with the same frequency as the piston. This action creates a depression : the product is sucked and pushed by the diaphragm itself , towards the hose, to the airless spray gun. A dedicated valve adjusts the pressure of the oil circuit and the pressure of the product itself.

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